What Kind of Information Does the 1040EZ Instruction Booklet Contain?


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The 1040EZ instruction booklet contains information about how to fill in personal information, how to appoint a third-party designee and why filing form 1040 may provide a taxpayer with certain tax advantages, explains the Internal Revenue Service. The booklet also includes the Earned Income Credit table.

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The Before You Begin section of the 1040EZ instruction booklet informs taxpayers of information relevant to them before preparing their 1040EZ forms, according to the IRS. Information about where to mail a return, setting up direct deposit and the Earned Income Credit is included in this section. There is also a small checklist that allows taxpayers to determine if they qualify to file the 1040EZ or if they need to file the 1040 form.

The 1040EZ form is the easiest tax return form to file, as the IRS explains. Taxpayers can file the 1040EZ form if they must file single or married filing jointly with no dependents to claim. If filing a joint return, the taxpayers must be under the age of 65 and not be blind at the end of the tax year. Taxpayers can file form 1040EZ if they only have wages, tips, salaries, taxable scholarships, fellowship grants, unemployment compensation, taxable interest not exceeding $1,500 and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, according to the IRS.

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