What Kind of Health Plans Are Available Through BlueCross BlueShield?

Health plans offered by BlueCross BlueShield vary by state. In Texas, there are a variety of family and individual plans offered by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, as its official website indicates.

BlueCross BluesShield plans in Texas are PPO or HMO. They are further divided into gold, silver, and bronze levels. As of July 2015, all of its plans meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Services covered include emergency care, hospitalization, preventive care and other services.

In Texas, the company offers two bronze PPO plans, two silver plans and three gold plans. Bronze plans cost less than silver plans, which cost less than gold plans. Premiums are determined by what percentage of costs are covered by the policy. For bronze plans, 60 percent is covered, and the policyholder pays 40 percent. Silver plans cover 70 percent, which leaves 30 percent for the policyholder to cover, while gold plans cover 80 percent of costs.

BlueCross BlueShield offers two bronze HMO plans, two silver plans and five gold plans. The premiums for HMO plans are determined in the same way as for PPO plans. Benefits provided under HMO plans are similar to those provided by PPO plans.

In addition to in-state only plans, BlueCross BlueShield offers multi-state plans. Multi-state plans offer similar benefits to in-state plans. For multi-state plans, one bronze level plan is available along with two silver and two gold plans. All multi-state plans are PPO only.