What Kind of Equipment Is Needed for Pecan Harvesting?


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Equipment used to harvest pecans includes tree shakers, harvesters, blowers, rakes and sweepers. Savage is a company that specializes in manufacturing commercial farming equipment used for nut harvesting. Commercial pecan growers use various types of pecan harvesting equipment to collect pecans for processing.

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Pecan tree shakers come in several design models and growers use them to extract the nuts from the tree. The shaker has heavy duty arms that clamp onto the truck of a tree as the machinery shakes it vigorously, causing nuts to fall to the ground. The harvester machine is a popular piece of equipment used in nut orchards. Growers attach it to the back of a tractor and pull it along an orchard row. The machine allows one harvester to pick up thousands of pounds of pecans in a day, and its hydraulic mechanism makes dumping pecans into a holding bin easy.

The blower uses forced air to move pecans out from under trees, making nuts easier to harvest. Some orchards might use an orchard rake for gathering pecans. Farmers can adjust the rake's teeth height while sitting in the tractor. The sweeper features sturdy rubber blades that function similar to fingers, and this machine provides farmers with an efficient method of moving nuts into rows. The pecan harvest season is short, and pecans must be harvested and processed by a certain deadline to sell at the best prices.

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