What Kind of Education Do You Need to Be a Chef?


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There is no specific training required to become a chef; however, completing a culinary arts program is often the easiest way to start a career as a chef. Certifications are typically not required either, but some chefs choose to pursue these additional credentials from the American Culinary Federation.

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In many cases, a person must have one to five years of experience before entering a chef position. This can be gained through on-the-job training or by pursuing a degree or certification program. Training is available from colleges, culinary schools and vocational schools. In culinary school, business management and skills are taught, as are nutrition, butchery, culinary techniques and regional preparations. Business management skills are especially important for people wishing to an obtain executive chef position or own a restaurant in the future.

Obtaining an internship while in school or upon completing a training program is a good way to get in the door of a restaurant and start a career in the field. Technical skills on specific kitchen equipment are important for success, as are refined senses of smell and taste. Because chefs often use interactive software for scheduling, purchasing and managing operations in a restaurant, some computer skills are necessary for most chef positions.

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