What Kind of Driving Jobs Can You Get Without a CDL?


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Some driving occupations that do not require a commercial driver's license, or CDL, are taxi driving and chauffeuring, making deliveries, carrying mail and driveaway driving. These jobs do not require employees to operate a vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds or regularly transport 16 or more passengers.

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Taxi drivers and chauffeurs must have a state license and most major cities have commissions that may impose regulations and restrictions. Once hired, a taxi driver or chauffeur has on-the-job training for one or two weeks. This job does not require any additional formal education or training.

Delivery drivers can work in various industries, such as retail, wholesale trade, courier services or grocery sales. Some delivery drivers operate light trucks, but most use a car, van or truck. Employees must have a clean driving record and some degree of physical fitness to move large packages or objects. There is no formal education required, and training can take up to a month.

Mail carriers often drive a vehicle to deliver in rural areas. This job requires a high school diploma and offers great pay and benefits as it is a government job. Employees can expect to walk a lot in every kind of weather condition.

Driveaway drivers transport cars over long distances when the car owner does not want their vehicle loaded into a trailer filled with other cars. Wages vary per car order, but payment is determined by mileage. There is no special training or insurance required, only a good driving record and a quick turnaround.

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