What Kind of Debit Card Can a Child Use?

Debit cards that can be used by children include American Express's Serve and Visa Buxx. MasterCard's Bill My Parents card is also available for use by children.

American Express's Serve card can be ordered for free from American Express or purchased at drug and department stores. Parents who purchase the card can create up to four subaccounts over which they control ATM access and deposits. Cards can be filled directly from a bank account or by depositing a check via Serve's mobile app. Cash can be loaded without a fee at stores like CVS, Walmart and 7-Eleven. Monthly fees around $1 are charged when the user fails to load at least $500 to the card each month, as of 2015.

Visa Buxx cards are marketed toward teenagers. Their parents can deposit money to the card online or via telephone and can set a maximum limit for deposits. However, parents have no control over ATM access, and Visa Buxx can be used for some online purchases. While there is no monthly fee associated with Visa Buxx, ATM withdrawals cost around $1.50 in addition to the fees charged by the ATM's bank.

MasterCard's Bill My Parents card is loaded via phone or online from a bank account, credit card or debit card. Access can be granted to family or friends to load money on the card as a present. Parents have the option of tracking their child's spending through an app or text messages. ATM limits can be set, and cards have the ability to be locked or unlocked as parents see fit. Additionally, parents can block the card from working at stores they do not want their children to patronize.