What Kind of Coverage Do You Get With a Homeowner's Policy?


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Most standard homeowner's insurance policies include coverage for the structure of the home, liability, personal belongings and living expenses, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Some homeowner's insurance policies also cover detached structures, such as tool sheds and garages.

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Insurance coverage for the structure of the home includes necessary repairs or rebuilding following a catastrophic event, explains the Insurance Information Institute. This includes damage done by lightning, hurricanes, hail or fire. However, it does not cover damages from an earthquake; routine wear and tear; or a flood inside the home. This requires additional coverage.

Standard policies also cover personal belongings in the home, including sports and fitness equipment, jewelry, electronics, furniture and clothing, states the Insurance Information Institute. Like the structure coverage, it only applies when the damage is done from a hurricane, fire, lightning or hail. Flood damage does not apply. The amount is based on the value of the items, so appraising valuables before getting the homeowner's insurance policy is always a good idea. Some belongings not inside the home are also covered, such as plants and gardens. Personal liability coverage is for injuries caused to a member of the family due to one of these events or disasters.

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