What Kind of Coverage Can You Get With Tesco Home Insurance?


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As part of Tesco Bank's home insurance, the bank provides coverage for the contents inside of the home and the home's structure, including its fixtures and fittings. Tesco also offers additional coverage options, including bicycle coverage, extended accidental damage coverage and coverage of a home's contents when a policyholder wears or carries the items, explains Tesco Bank's official website.

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As part of the home contents insurance policy, Tesco provides coverage for alternative accommodations if a policyholder's home is not safe for dwelling, reports the bank. Tesco also provides coverage for accidental damage of home entertainment items and for legal downloads. Policyholders also receive coverage for garden items such as grills and lawnmowers. In addition, if a policyholder's freezer malfunctions, Tesco provides coverage for the cost of food replacement up to a specified limit.

Under the building insurance portion of the home insurance policy, Tesco offers coverage for repairs of burst pipes and blocked sewer pipes. A policyholder also receives coverage for the cost of replacement locks in the case of lost or stolen house keys, notes Tesco. This policy covers a home's permanent fixtures and features a one-year guarantee on repairs completed by Tesco-selected builders.

In addition to the standard home insurance policy, customers may purchase optional additional coverage, reports Tesco. One additional coverage option Tesco offers is family LegalGuard, which provides coverage for legal expenses and allows policyholders to access to a legal helpline. Home emergency coverage is another optional policy add-on that provides 24-hour coverage for emergency situations.

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