What Kind of Coverage Can You Get From Pinnacle Insurance Group?


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The kind of coverage offered by Pinnacle Insurance Group depends on the type of insurance used. This company has four main types of insurance: auto, home, commercial and other (covering rental property), according to Pinnacle Insurance Group.

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What Kind of Coverage Can You Get From Pinnacle Insurance Group?
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Pinnacle Insurance Group's home insurance revolves around protecting the structure of the client's house, together with the belongings in it, from losses. Hazardous events that could result in such losses include wind, fire and even theft. Homeowners can pick between partial and full coverage depending on their preference. Renters can also use this type of coverage, the only difference being that for them, the insurance revolves around the belongings found in the home, says Pinnacle Insurance Group.

Insurance for condominiums also centers around belongings. Nevertheless, homeowners have the option of adding coverage for structure where needed. For instance, owners might want structural insurance to help in case of fire when they have to rebuild the interior of their condo, notes Pinnacle Insurance Group.

The commercial insurance offered by this company can cover a great deal of aspects of a business, beginning with the company's car to its property. In addition, customers can purchase insurance that covers the business in case of a lawsuit, according to Pinnacle Insurance Group.

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