What Kind of Cattle Handling Equipment Do You Need on a Ranch?


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The kinds of cattle handling equipment necessary for a ranch includes pens and stables, feeders, rope and a hay baler. Some cattle ranches may also need facilities to house the herd during poor weather conditions, medical supplies to deal with common health issues, and other items to aid in gathering and tracking the animals.

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One of the most basic pieces of equipment needed on a cattle ranch is a pen to keep the animals in a central location and prevent their escape into the surrounding area. Some ranches use basic wooden or metal fencing to create a corral for the cattle, sometimes simply placing them on the outskirts of the ranch property rather than making a single fenced location. It is also possible to incorporate gates and other special segments to allow the ranchers to direct segments of the herd into a specific location, such as for inspections or processing for sale.

Ranches also need feeders to ensure that the cattle can eat, with some ranches also utilizing special feeders to lure the animals into specific locations. Many cattle ranch hands use rope to guide a specific member of the herd to a location, such as by lassoing its head and pulling it along while riding a horse. Hay balers are also important to collect and disseminate hay across the ranch land for various purposes. Ranches may also need tools to make electronic tracking tags or brands for cattle.

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