What Kind of Benefits Do Alcoa Employees Receive?

Alcoa provides its employees with a variety of benefits, including medical insurance coverage and vision benefits. Tuition assistance is also available, along with scholarship programs and educational loans.

Alcoa's basic medical plan provides several free routine preventative care procedures, as well as 70 percent coverage for primary care office visits. Specialist visits are also covered at 70 percent. Alcoa also offers a comprehensive medical plan that caters to employees with extensive medical needs. This plan offers 80 percent coverage of services after a $500 individual deductible.

Vision benefits include a free yearly eye exam, along with a pair of eyeglasses and contact lenses, up to a maximum value. The company's dental coverage pays up to 80 percent of the costs for basic care and 50 percent of costs for major dental procedures.

Employees can also take advantage of three available home loan programs. Alcoa maintains relationships with Citibank, Chase and Wells Fargo. Each of these banks provides qualifying Alcoa employees with competitive mortgage rate options and first-time home buyer benefits.

Alcoa also offers life insurance benefits, which can be used to cover the employee, a spouse and dependent children. Although the company provides a standard payout equal to one year's salary, employees can opt for additional life insurance up to eight times their annual pay.