What Is the KFC Man's Name?

kfc-man-s-name Credit: Paula Bronstein / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Kentucky Fried Chicken "mascot" is a picture of its founder, Colonel Sanders. Harland Sanders began cooking fried chicken in 1930 while running a service station in Kentucky.

Before he founded the KFC franchise, Colonel Sanders had a variety of jobs, including farmhand, Army teamster, streetcar conductor and ferryboat operator. Sanders originally served fried chicken and other meals out of the living quarters of his home, which was adjacent to the gas station he operated. After a break during World War II when he managed cafeterias, Sanders sold his perfected recipe and brand to the first KFC franchisee in 1952. Sanders did not become a colonel through his army service, but was named a Kentucky colonel in the 1950s in recognition of his contribution to Southern cuisine.