What Are Some Key Things to Include When Writing Business Reports?


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A business report includes letters of authorization and transmittal, a synopsis of the report, an introduction, findings, conclusions and recommendations, states the Claremont Graduate University Writing Center. It also includes a bibliography, appendices and brief guidelines for sections of the report.

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A letter of authorization, which comes from the person who sanctioned the report, states the purpose and significance of the report, notes the CGU Writing Center. A letter of transmittal follows a memo format and contains the names of people who are to receive a copy of the report upon completion. The synopsis gives an overview of the report, including the purpose of the report and a brief outline of the findings of the study. The body of the report details all relevant information gathered in the study, including findings, supporting information and an analysis of the results.

Toward the end, the report summarizes the findings of the investigation and provides recommendations for addressing the problems identified, according to the CGU Writing Center. The report must justify the recommendations proposed and outline an implementation plan. The information contained in the report depends on the purpose of the investigation and the intended audience. Research supporting the report may include material internal to the organization and external literature.

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