What Are the Key Steps to Creating a Good Employee Development Plan?


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Some crucial steps in creating an effective employee development plan include having clear goals, establishing solid communication with employees, focusing on necessary skills, putting the plan into action and letting employees apply their improved or new skills in the workplace. Such a plan creates a greater likelihood for success and leads to enhanced employee satisfaction.

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Setting clear short-term and long-term objectives allows the entire team to know what needs to be achieved on a day-to-day basis as well as for the project or department in the long run. Such goal-setting also makes clear what is needed as far as resources and new team members. Properly communicating such objectives to the entire team often calls for face-to-face interactions to talk about potential challenges and obstacles and discover how to best apply available employee skills and strengths.

After carefully reviewing each team member's current skills, managers hold focus on what crucial skills need to be learned, developed and enhanced and what employees best fit the profile to train for the necessary tasks. After this, managers should develop a plan on how to put all the resources into action, assigning tasks and creating a schedule for completion of each job so that there is accountability. The last step involves putting all this preparation into action, leaving some leeway in the planning to make adjustments as necessary.

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