What Are Some Key Skills Needed for Getting Your First Job Our of College?


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Some key skills needed for landing a first job after college include the ability to work in a group, effective communication practices and strength in both analyzing and solving problems by developing workable solutions. Other skills include ease in acquiring and processing information and adeptness in handling data and statistics.

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Many of these skills are considered essential in new workers out of college because they are transferable skills; that is, they are essential in a wide variety of fields. In fact, many employers consider these skills more essential than any technical skills connected to a specific position. Many employers list the ability to flexibly work together in a team as the most essential skill a new employee can have, no matter what the field. Strong communication skills often comes second.

Other transferable skills that are considered important are the ability to plan, organize and prioritize tasks, computer knowledge as used in everyday situations, strength in influencing others and selling, and flexibility in applying knowledge in new settings. Given that typical college graduates have developed many of these skills in one form or another, the key is communicating to potential employers the transferability of those skills. Effective teamwork may have been displayed in group class projects or even in sports teams, and good communication skills may be evident from successful presentations or lauded participation in student government or drama clubs.

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