What Are Some Key Points of Nestle's Business Strategy?


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Some key points of Nestle's business strategy are: consumer management, unmatched geography presence, operational efficiency, innovation and renovation, and unmatched research and development capability. Nestle's business strategy is incredibly effective because the food company is the largest in the world by revenue. Nestle makes over $100 billion annually and employs over 300,000 people worldwide. The company was listed as number one in the Fortune Global 500 in 2011.

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Nestle was formed in 1905 and was originally a milk company, but it has stayed relevant by diversifying its products. The company not only produces dairy products but also now produces everything from baby food to snacks. Nestle is also the main shareholder of L'Oreal, which is the largest cosmetic company in the world. Due to its innovative values, the company has remained at the top of its respective field.

The company has a huge global presence and reaches more than 194 countries. Therefore, operational efficiency is very important because it requires ample communication and strategic planning in order to direct and manage the entire company. Nestle's global presence has helped grow the brand and helps build its marketability tremendously. Consumer management is also a vital component in the company's business strategy because the company values its customers and has proved successful in keeping them loyal to the brand.

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