What Are Some Key Points Covered in the CPR With AED Certification Test?


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The main points covered in the CPR with AED certification test revolve around the proper use of CPR and AED equipment, the order in which safety measures need to be taken and how to perform CPR on different individuals. Certification for individuals differs form professional certification in length and requirements.

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What Are Some Key Points Covered in the CPR With AED Certification Test?
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CPR with AED certification is designed to ensure that an individual is aware of all the necessary steps to perform a life saving action on a person in need of aid in a safe and effective manner. Much of the certification test revolves around the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that the person administering the aid does not cause additional harm to the person in need. For example, some areas of the test focus on how to depress on the chest of the person in need without damaging the rib cage and sternum. Other areas test the individuals knowledge of how to properly pass air into the lungs of a child or infant without causing respiratory harm.

The certification test for professional medial responders, such as EMTs, covers other aspects of performing CPR that are not necessary for individuals. Some areas include how to identify some reasons why a person needs CPR, such as checking the windpipe for blockages.

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