What Are the Key Features of an Organization?

There are many theories on what makes a good organization, but five general groups of features include clarity of vision and cohesive leadership, clear roles and accountability, strong incentives and a focus on talent, efficient internal support and execution and relying on adaptability and high standards. These keys are used to build organizations that accomplish their goals and readily adapt to new challenges.

Flexibility is a necessary trait for any organization that hopes to survive doing business in the real world. Without the ability to change goals and reconfigure tactics in the face of changes and challenges, an organization cannot hope to function efficiently or to accomplish its aims.

Lack of clarity both in vision and in structure hamper an organization's ability to get things done and remain a peaceable work environment. Clear structure and vision ensure that the path forward is always clear and that people will understand precisely how responsibility is assigned and to whom they should turn.

Focus on high performance is a common sense measure that tries to maximize the efficiency of talented individuals and groups. The idea is that by placing goal markers high, the overall standards within an organization will shift up over time until work is done at a higher level of quality.