What Are Some Key Costs Associated With Starting a Laundry Business?


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Key costs associated with starting a laundry business include building and licensing costs, as well as those for material and personnel, explains the Houston Chronicle. Interest payments from loans also factor into expenses.

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If a business owner buys a building that is already a self-service laundry center, he saves on having to install water pipes and electrical outlets and establishing sewer access, notes the Houston Chronicle. Laundry business owners either purchase or lease their equipment, the costs of which vary depending on the level of sophistication of the machines. It is possible to run a laundromat with minimal attention from workers, but staffing must depend on the owner's business plan. If the business is not a laundromat and instead focuses on dry cleaning, staffing needs are much greater.

Licenses that laundry businesses need include business licenses and often, water pollution control permits for each washer linked to the sewer system, according to the Houston Chronicle. These costs can be high, sometimes accounting for half of the start-up costs of a laundromat. Businesses that serve food must have permits from the health department as well. For this reason, many laundry businesses prefer to install vending machines. Start-up costs must also account for the interest that comes with loans.

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