What Are Some Key Components of Receptionist Job Descriptions?


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Some key components of a receptionist job description include a summary of the position, a list of typical job duties, and a list of any skills, education or qualifications the position requires, notes Monster. Other components important to include are any special demands the position requires, the pay range, typical work hours and special scheduling demands like nights or weekends, states HR Daily Advisor.

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An overview of major duties like handling mail, making copies, scheduling appointments, dealing with visitors, handling computer tasks, keeping the work area clean and talking on the phone might be included in a general summary of a receptionist job, notes the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The list of responsibilities section would go on to explain these duties in more detail in context of the organization. For example, the duties might mention that the receptionist has to check visitors in and out of the office, give them badges, escort them around the business and monitor visitors. Since a receptionist's duties can highly vary based on the work environment, the job description should be specific to the business doing the hiring.

For the sections on education, skills and qualifications, specific software programs, such as Microsoft Office, should be mentioned along with soft skills like phone, oral and written communication, customer service and organizational skills.

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