What Are the Key Components of a Call Center Operation?


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The key components of a call center operation are location, facilities, technology, process and people. Finance and business management are also critical. These interrelated components affect one another.

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A center's location is critical in terms of the building's cost and ability to integrate with head office functions, and in the center's ability to attract and retain talent. Call center agents sit for long periods at their desks, so comfortable facilities are important, and management should treat the employees well.

Call centers handle calls using automated call distributors that range from basic to sophisticated. One of the biggest challenges call centers face is providing a start-to-end process that results in high customer satisfaction from the customer's perspective. The center's most critical asset is its people. However, agents often deal with a large volumes of difficult calls without always having the requisite skills and training. With customer calls averaging three minutes, call center agents need to be skillful in building customer relationships and loyalty in a very short period of time.

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