How Do You Keep Track of Office Supply Inventory?

To track office supply inventory, keep all items in a centralized location, group items based on type, and record the data on a spreadsheet. Considering the wide range of office supply items, an effective tracking system can save money and reduce theft.

  1. Keep all items in a centralized location

    Do not scatter supplies throughout an office or household. All supplies, including pens, paper, binders and staplers, should be located in the same area. In addition, immediately drop shipments of new supplies at this designated area. A closet or cabinet can store all related office supplies.

  2. Group items based on type

    Before any new shipments are combined with existing office supplies, separate each supply type into a category. For instance, all writing utensils should be separated from paper. Moreover, more expensive items, such as printer ink, should be placed in their own area.

  3. Record the data on a spreadsheet

    Enter new shipments of supplies into a spreadsheet prior to combining them with current supplies. This approach ensures the accuracy relating to physical items on hand and what is listed in company records. In addition, each person taking supplies should notify the supply manager to deduct the related items from the spreadsheet. At the end of each month, perform a reconciliation to check recorded balances against balances on hand.