How Do You Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe?


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Keep credit card information safe by signing the card upon receipt and keeping the personal identification number and card in separate locations, advises Bank of America. Never give card information over the phone unless you instigated the call, and never answer an email asking for your credit card number. If you use the card online, make sure the network is secure and protect your computer or other electronic device from viruses.

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Never lend the card to another person or leave it lying around a room, cautions Citigroup. Keep a list of the cards you hold, the account numbers, the expiration dates, and the toll-free numbers for reporting them as lost or stolen. Keep this list in a safe location, separate from the cards.

Avoid keeping credit card information on a computer, warns Norton. Laptops are often targets of thieves. Shred private information before placing it in the garbage. Keep receipts for purchases online and in brick-and-mortar stores for reconciliation with the monthly card statement and then shred them.

When traveling, limit the number of credit cards you take with you, states Norton. Prior to the trip, call the customer service number and let the card issuer know of your plans. Some companies put a hold on credit cards when charges from new locations appear on the account.

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