How Do You Get a KBR Job?

How Do You Get a KBR Job?

To get a job at KBR, locate the careers page on the KBR website, navigate to the appropriate job site, search the listings, read details about the job you are interested in and then apply for the job. To fill out an application, you are redirected to a special recruitment site.

  1. Locate the KBR careers page

    On the front page of the main KBR website, click on the link for the careers page, which is in the upper right corner of the menu.

  2. Go to the correct careers site

    KBR has separate career sites for professional opportunities and for construction and maintenance opportunities. Additionally, there are links to U.S. opportunities, Canadian opportunities, and U.S. and global opportunities. Use the appropriate links to find jobs and locations that you are interested in. To broaden your possibilities, create profiles on both career sites.

  3. Search the job listings

    Each site has listings of available jobs. Scroll through the list carefully, and locate the jobs you are interested in. To find out more information about a job, click on its title. For each job, there is an individual page with the position title, job description, areas of responsibility, benefits offered, and the knowledge and experience required.

  4. Apply for the job

    When you find the job you are interested in, click "Apply for this job" at the bottom of the page. You are then redirected to the Oracle iRecruitment site. Register for or log in to the site, and then fill out the provided job application.