What Is a Junior Accountant?

A junior accountant is essentially an entry-level accountant and often holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and performs tasks such as calculating taxes and preparing financial reports. A junior accountant performs various accounting tasks, generally under the supervision of a more experienced accountant or a manager, say experts at Investopedia. Junior accountants find work in many areas, including small businesses and many organizations.

Junior accountants generally complete a college degree program in accounting. While at school, they focus on courses in finance and math. This helps young accountants perform certain tasks, such as analyzing and preparing financial statements. Their job duties vary among companies, but junior accountants may also perform audits and keep a log of company revenue and expenses. They also check for and correct errors in financial statements by maintaining financial journals.

These accountants may perform work by hand and by computer. They help companies make their electronic records safe and secure online and help them comply with all legal and financial codes and regulations. In addition to completing an educational program, junior accountants often possess a strong ability for analysis, say experts at Investopedia. Other traits they exhibit include paying attention to detail, organizational and communication skills and the ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality.