What Are JSA Safety Forms?


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The job safety analysis form is a document that analyzes the hazards associated with a certain job or procedure. This form identifies all the tasks in each job, and all the safety or health hazards. The form also has a section for the steps or actions that workers need to take in case the potential hazard occurs.

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The first section of the JSA form has the job title, the title of the person who does the job, the location of the job, the supervisor and the department. The next section of the JSA describes the steps needed to complete the specific job. Next to each step, there is a section that identifies the potential dangers workers may face while performing the procedure. The next section outlines possible consequences of the hazards. The JSA form must also include a section that outlines the specific actions or procedures taken to reduce the risk of the hazard occurring, or to control the hazard after it occurs.

When creating and answering the JSA form, it is important for those performing the analysis to ask themselves what can go wrong in the particular environment. They should also ask themselves whether there are any other contributing factors, such as weather, that could cause a potentially hazardous scenario. They should also consider the likelihood of the hazard occurring and the severity of the consequences.

When completing the form, the reviewer should describe the trigger, environment and exposure of the hazard. Examples of actions taken to reduce risk include eliminating or removing the hazard, and isolating the hazard with shields or guards.

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