How Do You Get a Joint Credit Card?


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Joint credit card accounts are obtained by two individuals who fill out and sign a credit card application together. On a joint application, both applicants disclose their income and agree to a credit check. Card issuers take the credit scores and incomes of both applicants into account when deciding whether to grant credit and what credit limit to assign to the account.

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Both parties on a joint credit card account are 100 percent responsible for the debt. This means that if one of the account holders fails to contribute to repaying the account balance for any reason, the other account holder is responsible for repaying the entire balance himself, even if he made no charges on the account. Most joint credit card accounts are held by married couples, but any two individuals can apply for a joint account, regardless of their relationship.

Joint accounts are reported to credit bureaus just like individual accounts. The full credit limit for the joint account appears on each account holder's credit report, as does the payment history of the account. Joint credit card accounts differ from accounts with authorized users and cosigners. An authorized user has full charging privileges on the account but does not own the account or have any responsibility for repaying the debt. A cosigner has no charging privileges but is responsible for the debt if the account owner defaults.

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