How Do You Join Swap Meets?


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Typically, swap meet organizations offer opportunities for individuals to register and apply for a retail space at their events, and such registration opportunities are often available online. On occasion, specialized permits are also needed in order to participate in local swap meets. These are subject to state and local requirements.

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When registering for a retail space at a swap meet, the person is usually asked to supply basic contact information, as well as the type of business that is featured in her stall. In some cases, individual markets may ask even more specialized questions, such as the vendor-to-customer ratio provided and what days of the week the stall is expected to operate. Dues or prices per stall per day/week are typically featured in orientation materials. More substantial rentals, such as month-long stints, may be subject to bidding wars among members.

There are usually rules attached to the conduct of participants and set limits to sales opportunities. The California Swap Meet Association, for example, provides a code of ethics aimed at fostering practices characterized by honesty, integrity and a desire to see betterment in the industry. In other cases, certain types of goods or services, such as food, alcohol, gambling related goods or services, weapons, animals or drug paraphernalia are prohibited.

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