How Do You Join the CIA?


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To join the Central Intelligence Agency, obtain a degree, learn a second language, pass various background checks, and apply for a special position within the agency. A formal education is generally not required, but the agency prefers hiring applicants with advanced degrees for intelligence operative and intelligence analyst positions.

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  1. Get the proper education

    Join a CIA work program as a student, if possible, to start a career in the agency. Earn an undergraduate degree in such fields as biology, nuclear engineering, physical science, international business, international relations or economics. Maintain a high grade point average.

  2. Learn different languages

    Become proficient in another language, such as Arabic, Russian, Kurdish, Somali, Korean, Chinese or Indonesian.

  3. Submit to a background check

    Ensure that your background is clear of any incidences that may disqualify you as an applicant. Do not partake in illegal substances, and stay in peak physical condition to ensure you pass the drug and fitness tests. Keep your mental health in check as well.

  4. Apply for a position

    Apply for a position within the CIA that pertains to your field of study. Submit an application online, and exercise your option to apply for up to four positions at once. Wait 45 days for a response.

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