How Do You Join Ambit Energy?

To join Ambit Energy, submit your contact information to the company's website so that an Independent Consultant can reach out to you. If you decide to join the company as a representative, make the required investment, and market the company's power services to those in your social circles.

Ambit Energy relies on individual marketing to build much of its new business. It employs independent contractors to set up their own franchises within the larger company. They receive a commission on the basis of the new subscriptions they sell. To build your business, you have to work hard to reach family members, friends and other referrals and sell them on the comparative benefits of using Ambit Energy.

Before you sign up, you might want to know that quite a few people have given Ambit Energy negative reviews. Some of these comments have to do with the required switch from a guaranteed rate plan to a variable rate plan. Between 2012 and 2015, both franchisees and power customers submitted a combined 497 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. The business did switch to a model that only offers adjustable rate contracts, meaning customers do not have the security they thought. Claims that the national grid rates for gas were one-third of what Ambit was charging are common.