How Do John Deere Manure Spreaders Work?


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As a tractor pulls John Deere manure spreaders, hydraulic drive systems shred and spread manure all over the field. These products are designed to be durable and efficient, notes John Deere.

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John Deere manure spreaders are built to help large livestock and dairy producers, states John Deere. They are capable of spreading both liquid and solid manure throughout the fields. They feature an internal shredder and an external beater. They are also designed with a clean-out door and indicator for more efficiency.

These spreaders can be attached behind tractors or all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs. At the point of purchase, the dealer usually provides a manual that acts as a quick guide on how to attach the spreader to the vehicle. It also gives instructions on how to operate the machine.

Once the spreader is attached to the vehicle or tractor, farmers go to the field and activate the machine begin operations. As the manure spreader is pulled, upper paddles within the system pull high-heaped loads and push them through the spreaders. At the same time, lower paddles shred compacted materials to enable them to spread out much easily. Rotating beaters in the spreaders are powered by the tractor's power take off.

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