What Jobs Would Hire Someone at the Age of 14?


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Some jobs that may hire 14-year-olds include grocery stores, movie theaters, bowling alleys and restaurants. However, working hours for 14-year-olds are limited, and parents must typically fill out extra paperwork for employment. Enterprising teens can also pick up extra work by starting their own businesses.

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The Fair Standards Labor Act designates 14 as the minimum age for most kinds of work, though some states have a higher minimum age, which takes precedence. Before searching for jobs, 14-year-olds should research labor laws in their state to find out if they even qualify for conventional employment. If a state does hire 14-year-olds, local businesses are often more likely to hire younger employers. Amusement parks, golf courses, sports stadiums, restaurants and movie theaters are all possible choices for young workers. In many states, 14-year-olds are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year and more in the summer.

If a state has more stringent labor laws, 14-year-olds can still perform work that has no age limit. Delivering newspapers, modeling, babysitting, performing in television or theater, and working at businesses that parents own are all legal regardless of a child’s age. Younger workers can also make money by starting their own businesses, such as lawn care, pet care, car washing, pool cleaning or tutoring.

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