What Are Some Jobs for Voice Actors?


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Jobs for voice actors include doing voice-over recordings for audiobooks, cartoons and video games. Other jobs are providing voice for documentaries, educational materials, podcasts, television commercials, movie trailers and radio. Voice-over actors engage audiences with their voices, which takes much skill and practice.

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Audiobooks are books that are turned into audio recordings by having voice actors read the text. Choosing the right narrator brings the book to life and captivates the listening audience. Voice actors also transform popular animated movie, television and video game characters to life.

A versatile voice actor is capable of portraying several voices and accents to handle multiple characters in a project. He must also be able to receive instructions from the director and tweak his voice upon request.

As of 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that voice actors earn from $300 to $500 for the first hour and $200 to $350 hourly for succeeding hours. To find work, networking skills and a professional voice portfolio are important.

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