How Do You Find Jobs Teaching Online Courses?

How Do You Find Jobs Teaching Online Courses?

Find jobs teaching online courses by searching sites such as, and Popular jobs boards, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, also post online jobs. Larger, online universities also list open teaching opportunities.

Higher education websites, such as, list thousands of job listings and serve as a useful resource for higher education professionals. As of 2015, has close to 200 primarily online positions available, reports Educators can search for remote jobs by job category, such as history or English instruction, position type, full-time or part-time and preferred institution, such as junior college or four-year university.

Instructors must be specific when searching for online teaching jobs on large job compilation sites such as Indeed or Simply Hired. Using keywords such as "online teaching" or "online adjunct" is recommended for best results, notes Individuals who are interested in teaching K-12 courses online are encouraged to search via Indeed.

Online universities, such as ITT Tech, Kaplan and American Public University, often post positions for online teaching professionals. Common teaching jobs available are for part- and full-time online adjunct faculty, instructional design professionals, graders and course mentors.

Pay rates vary for online instructors, but an average salary is roughly $1,500 per semester. Some universities pay educators a flat rate, while others pay per student, which may also be contingent on the student's ability to complete the course.