What Are Some Jobs in Spain?

A chef, personal care or construction worker are common types of jobs found in Spain. Additionally, language teacher, medical practitioner, engineer and real estate agent are types of jobs in Spain. As of 2014, job vacancies for academic graduates are growing industry sectors such as the consulting and IT.

Certain job sectors in Spain offer medium to highly qualified positions that are difficult to fill, such as: commercial relations, web and multi-media management, restaurants and tourism. People who speak multiple languages have a good opportunity to find jobs in real estate agencies, travel companies and offices in areas where foreign tourists and ex-pat owners are.

In previous years, real estate jobs in Spain have provided the largest source of employment with jobs in the upper end of the real estate market being more insulated from the market fluctuations affecting job availability. Other types of sales jobs are commonly available in Southern Spain locations such as Marbella and Puerto Banus.

Teaching English and working in the tourist trade are popular jobs for foreigners. There are many opportunities to teach English, especially for teachers with a TEFL qualification. Some teachers offer private lessons or work in English language teaching assistant positions in professional institutions.

The competition for jobs in Spain is high and the wages for jobs are generally lower in Spain than in other countries in Europe and the UK. Only citizens of the EU, EU member states or Switzerland can work in Spain without a permit.