What Are Some Jobs for Someone With a Business Degree in Finance?

What Are Some Jobs for Someone With a Business Degree in Finance?

Examples of jobs for someone with a business degree in finance include financial manager, financial analyst, financial services sales agent and personal financial adviser. Each job has its own expected job growth, wages and qualifications requirements.

Individuals who are thinking about becoming financial managers may first want to earn their Chartered Financial Analyst credential or an MBA degree to increase their chances of landing a job. Financial managers supervise employees, draft financial statements and look over financial reports. Since it involves management, this job can earn an individual a higher wage than other jobs that require a business degree in finance.

Financial analysts offer financial advice to individuals and businesses. Before making a suggestion, analysts often study financial and data trends as well as financial statements. Analysts also work with investors to offer them suggestions on when, how and where to invest. Related occupations include pricing analyst and portfolio manager.

A financial services sales agent offers advice related to securities and commodities, which include stocks, gold and agriculture. The job may require the individual to work at the New York Stock Exchange, but sales agents are also able to work from anywhere on the globe.

A personal finance adviser may need a special license or certification to qualify for a job. Duties usually include planning and meeting client financial goals, making suggestions regarding life and retirement policies, and reviewing stock options.