What Are Some Jobs That Require Keyboarding Skills?

Jobs that require good keyboarding skills include data entry work, where large quantities of text and numerical data are typed into a database, and customer service jobs that involve typing customer information into a database. Keyboarding skills are also heavily used in medical transcription.

Medical transcription is a job that requires excellent keyboarding skills as well as a knowledge of common medical terms. This type of work usually involves specialized training to prepare for work in a doctor's office. Captioning is another field in which employers seek workers who can type on a keyboard with a high level of accuracy at great speeds. Captioners work in the field of television delivering real-time closed captioning for a variety of televised programming. Television captioning transcribes what is being said verbally by news anchors and show participants into text that is read on screen. Keyboard captioning skills are also required in positions where real-time translation is needed in business, court and educational settings.

The job of legal secretary is another one where accuracy in keyboarding plays a large role. Legal secretaries type legal documents of all types for use in court proceedings. Keyboarding skills are also essential for most clerical and computer-related jobs.