What Jobs Require Continuing Education Courses?


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Some jobs that require continuing education are teaching, nursing, medicine and law. In some cases, these jobs simply require re-certification, while in others an individual is required to go back to school.

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People want to know that certain professionals are always up to date on the latest findings and technologies. The most common jobs that require continuing education courses are medicine, law, nursing and teaching. These professions, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Many cosmetologists, project managers, counselors and social workers also need continuing education. This is because trends, discoveries and technologies are always changing, and professionals must be able to keep up in order to maintain relevance and provide the best services.

The amount of continuing education varies by profession. Also, note that the variations depend on the state in which the professional resides. Though some educational courses can be taken online, some jobs require workers to attend classes. For example, teachers are often asked to complete a master's degree. Depending on the profession, a worker may be able to acquire the credits needed by giving a speech or lecture at a credible event or college.

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