Which Jobs Do Not Require a Background Check?

Many jobs in the private sector, such as construction and consulting, landscaping, gardening, food service jobs and work-at-home jobs are examples that may not require background checks. Typically, careers that require background checks are those in the field of education, government offices and detective agencies. Some industries, such as computers and information technology, may also require employees to undergo background checks.

Some background checks are required through federal mandates, while others are required at the discretion of the state. Some jobs necessitate extensive background checks, while others only look for certain types of past convictions.

Jobs in the education industry, such as teaching and coaching, require applicants to undergo thorough background checks before being hired. Other individuals who may interact with students, such as school bus drivers and driving instructors, also undergo background checks. Background checks for teachers and staff typically involve a search for past offenses against children, and checks against school drivers also look for past driving violations.

Other jobs that necessitate background checks are positions at racetracks and casinos, apartment managers and caretakers, and individuals who are involved in residential mortgage transactions. While background checks are not required for most private sector jobs, employers have the right to perform a background check before hiring an employee.