What Are Some Jobs Related to Pediatrics?

Job titles directly related to pediatrics include a pediatrician, clinical nurse with a specialization in pediatrics and pediatric nurse practitioner. There are also many sub-specializations within the field of pediatrics, such as developmental behavioral pediatrics, child abuse, adolescent medicine, neonatal and perinatal medicine, pediatric critical care medicine and pediatric cardiology.

Pediatricians are doctors who treat babies and children from birth until the age of 21. General pediatricians must complete medical school and do 3 years of residency work in their field. In addition, they must gain certification from the American Board of Pediatrics. Once they have completed their education, training and certification, they can provide medical and preventative care to patients. Sub-specialists work in specific fields within pediatrics. They must complete an additional 1 to 3 years of residency work in their specialized areas.

Clinical nurses with specializations in pediatrics usually work in specialized areas of pediatric medicine, such as developmental, psychological or physical care. They must finish a registered nursing program and a master’s or doctorate program in their area of work. They must also get certification from a board such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Pediatric nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have a specialization in pediatrics. To gain entry into the field, they must complete a registered nursing program and a master’s program in pediatric nursing. After completing their education, they must gain certification from an accredited certification board.