Are There Jobs That Provide a Free Car?


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There are jobs that provide the use of a free company car. While the savings that come with not having to maintain a second car are numerous, there are also some drawbacks to having a company vehicle. The prestige is tempered a bit by additional expectations.

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Are There Jobs That Provide a Free Car?
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When a company provides an employee with a car, the company usually pays for the expenses associated with operating the car. This includes fuel, maintenance, tolls, washing the car and other costs. People who trade in a commute on public transit for a company car get additional convenience and comfort.

Another benefit of having a company car is prestige among one's peers. Clearly, a person with a company car is a major player in the company, and the trust that goes along with bestowing a car shows the worth a person has in that organization.

With that prestige, though, comes expectations. Some jobs that come with a car require that the person be available to respond to emergencies at all hours. Whether the employee is an executive or a member of the operations staff, this expectation is not uncommon. Also, the expectation is that, in most cases, the company car is only used for driving on business for the company. Many companies require the completion of a trip log for each use of the car. In some cases, the company car may have the company's logo on it somewhere, which drains the prestige and places the driver's actions under a spotlight.

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