What Are Some Jobs in the Plastic Packaging Industry?


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Jobs in the plastic packaging industry include machine operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, office workers and production supervisors. Workers in this industry help research new packaging materials and methods, as well as provide packaging solutions to customers. Plastic packaging can house food, medicine, cosmetics, motor oils and more. One benefit that plastic packaging gives is that some precooked foods can microwave without being unwrapped.

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Safety, convenience, quality and cost are some considerations individuals and companies consider when choosing plastic packaging. Plastic packaging ranges from hard and rigid to soft and flexible, depending on the needs of the package. The overall quality depends on the plastics the packaging contains. Plastic packaging can protect people by being shatterproof and resistant to chemicals and outside contaminants. It is cheap to produce and convenient for consumers.

Plastic is helpful for shipping and storing items because it can mold into shapes that save room and shield contents. The substance can also prevent electrical damage by including anti-static protection. Plastic can range from opaque to see-through and are often petroleum-based, using materials extracted from crude oil. Since petroleum-based plastics do not properly break down over time, biodegradable plastics made from cellophane, polylactic acid, plastarch material, Mater-Bi and thermoplastic starch are environmentally-safe alternatives.

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