What Are Some Jobs for People With No Work Experience?

What Are Some Jobs for People With No Work Experience?

Jobs that require little or no prior work experience include delivery driver, bill collector, garbage collector, security guard and bartender. Although these job require little/no previous work experience, individual companies may still require previous work experience, as well as an educational diploma, certificate or degree.

Delivery driver jobs both offer entry-level opportunities in the workforce as well as the potential to move up in a company. Many delivery driver jobs offer flexible hours and days. The applicant needs a valid driver's license, and some employers also require the applicant to possess a clean driving record.

Bill collector positions may require a high school diploma, and employers look for individuals with good phone communication skills and customer service skills. Many do not require previous experience as a bill collector. Garbage collectors need to have the physical ability to lift large items and drive large trucks.

Security guards provide protection for individuals and/or events. Though a high school diploma is the only formal requirement for some security jobs, some jobs may require drug testing, background checks and possession of firearm licenses.

Though attending bartender school is beneficial for the bartender, it is not always required. The bartender does need to have knowledge of certain government laws related to bars and liquor, and the individual also needs to be able to handle a wide range of customer types.