What Are Some Jobs for People With Learning Disabilities?


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People with learning disabilities are able to hold a variety of jobs, including roles in offices, retail environment, service fields or sanitation, depending on the nature of the disability. In many cases, the person is able to hold the same jobs as people without a disability as long as the employer creates accommodations for the employee's specific needs.

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The type of job a person with a learning disability can have depends on the type and severity of the disability, as some impairments can make it harder for the person to work in certain scenarios. Some people with learning disabilities choose to focus on careers that involve physical actives, such as moving freight in a warehouse or cleaning the interiors of office buildings, as they allow them to focus on areas that are separate from the impairment. Another option is to work with other people who suffer from learning disabilities, such as in a training or educational setting.

In most cases, the person can work with the employer to make modifications to the job that account for her disability and allow her to carry out the needs of the role. For example, if the employee has dyslexia, a condition that affects her ability to distinguish words and letters, the employer may deliver instructions or documents as audio files to reduce the need to read. Some employers specialize in hiring people with learning disabilities, meaning they already have systems in place to accommodate a variety of needs.

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