What Are Some Jobs That Pay Well at Southwest Airlines?


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Jobs that pay well at Southwest Airlines include airline pilot, flight attendant, aircraft and powerplant mechanic and airline operations agent. The company offers jobs such as customer service representative, executive assistant, administrative assistant or senior systems engineer in the computer technology department.

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Pilots, co-pilots and airline captains are among the highest paid jobs at Southwest Airlines. Its flight operations division includes a flight training center that trains pilots on flight simulators. A myriad of jobs are required to support Southwest's flight operations network, and support teams include air traffic control specialists, simulator technicians, crew planners and crew schedulers. Travel is a big part of the job for flight attendants who spend countless hours in the skies tending to crew and passengers. Southwest Airlines flight attendants get paid to give in-flight announcements, prepare snacks, assist passengers in need and maintain a pleasant attitude at all times.

Southwest Airlines maintenance and engineering divisions provide numerous job positions for people with technical skills. Workers in this division are tasked with keeping the airline's planes in tip-top flying shape, and performing other plane-related tasks. Some Southwest Airlines positions revolve around airport operations including operations managers and ramp agents. Operations managers oversee a team of operations agents who assist with passenger boarding. Ramp agents make good money directing airplanes at gate locations and loading bags and cargo onto planes.

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