What Are Some Jobs That Pay Under the Table?

Some jobs that pay partially or completely under the table include bartender, waiter or waitress, valet and stripper. Other jobs that pay under the table are day laborer, handyman, housekeeper, gardener or landscaper and painter. In addition, musicians, babysitters, movers and tutors are often paid under the table in cash.

"Under the table" jobs are those that do not directly result in a pay check. Payment for under the table jobs is usually made in cash and there is not necessarily any provision for health care, bonuses, 401K plans or other benefits associated with being an employee for a company. Some under the table jobs, such as house-sitting or dog walking, may be temporary work and not involve regularly scheduled hours. These more flexible under the table jobs are often popular with students. Other under the table jobs, such as tending bar or gardening, involve regularly scheduled hours. Some jobs are considered partially under the table--for example, bartenders are issued pay checks but are also paid out from cash tips given by patrons.

Some good ways to obtain under the table jobs are by advertising one's services in public areas with fliers, newspaper ads, Internet ads or by word of mouth.