What Are Some Jobs That Pay Cash in Hand?

Jobs that pay cash in hand include babysitting, dog walking, working construction or mowing lawns. Other jobs include washing cars, doing hair, house cleaning or providing courier services.

Many individuals pay cash daily, weekly or biweekly when they receive childcare, nanny, dog-walking or dog-grooming services. It may benefit these individuals to hire outside help to assist with these tasks due to their hectic schedules. In instances when pay is offered daily, this convenience allows people who perform these jobs the benefit of receiving their earnings right away. It is important for both employers and employees in this situation to research whether or not reporting income or expenses to the IRS is necessary.

Some larger employers pay cash daily, such as lawn services or construction companies. While this is a fairly common practice, it is ill-advised to receive these cash payments without reporting them, because it may violate local, state and tax laws. While individuals may receive cash in hand, they are still encouraged to request the appropriate tax documents from their employers in order to remain in compliance with IRS income-reporting guidelines.

Getting paid cash in hand enables employees and service providers to take care of emergency situations or use the extra money for entertainment purposes. Cash payments are also useful for teenagers and can help them learn good budgeting practices.