How do you find jobs in the newspaper classifieds?


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Finding jobs in a print copy of the newspaper classifieds is as easy as looking for the "Employment" or "Jobs" section of the classifieds. Depending on the job market, there may be a lot or only a few job ads listed in the classifieds section. These ads mainly advertise for hourly jobs, notes For Dummies.

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Newspapers often make a digital version of their classifieds available through their websites for readers to view. The classified ads are usually free to search.

  1. Go to the newspaper website
  2. Go to the newspaper's website. Content may be organized by general topic in a header tab at the top of the page, as noted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Click on the "Classifieds," and then "Jobs" option.

  3. Search for a type of job
  4. Enter or select the desired job type in a search form found on the next page. There may also be a menu of job types available, so click on the desired type of job to be taken to the results for all related job listings.

  5. Review the ads
  6. Scroll through the ads. Click on any job ads that seem promising to bring up more information. Take note of the phone number or email address to contact the potential employer. There may also be a website listed for the company advertising a position.

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