How Do You Find Jobs With the New York City Board of Education?


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One simple way of searching for jobs with the New York City Department of Education, or NYCDOE, involves going to the NYCDOE website, navigating to the "Careers" page and then following the links to available job positions. The New York City public school system employs approximately 135,000 full-time workers, according to the NYCDOE website.

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The Panel for Educational Policy, formerly the New York Board of Education, is the governing body of NYCDOE. However, the city agency that runs schools in the city is the New York City Department of Education.

The New York City public school system has about 1.1 million students as of 2015. Employees who work full-time with the NYCDOE, such as teachers, principals and school leaders, share a mission of providing the students with the proper tools that they will need to prepare them for college, careers and as active members of their communities, notes the NYCDOE.

The following shows how to search for jobs with the NYCDOE.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type schools.nyc.gov on the browser and press "Enter."

  3. Navigate to the "Careers" page
  4. Scroll down to search for the "Careers" option located on the left-hand panel menu of the NYCDOE homepage. Click on the icon.

  5. Click on the links
  6. Click on the links on the "Career" page to view the details and the application process for the job positions.

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