How Do You Find Jobs in New Jersey Using Craigslist?

How Do You Find Jobs in New Jersey Using Craigslist? divides its New Jersey section into four categories: central New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, North Jersey and South Jersey. Determine the specific area in which you would like to find employment. After selecting the location, search the Jobs section of the site for keywords related to the type of job you are looking for, or browse through job listings in various categories.

Job categories include accounting and finance, hospitality, real estate, security, and writing, among many others. You can expand your search to include nearby areas, or narrow it down to only telecommuting jobs, part-time jobs or internships.

Application requirements are different for each individual job posting, so pay attention to what is being requested in each ad. Some jobs require a resume, cover letter or work samples to complete an application, while others simply require an email stating interest in the position. The job postings can sometimes be vague and require a contact email to send more information about the position.

Craigslist warns that sometimes job postings are scams or pyramid schemes. Craigslist offers users the opportunity to flag potential scams for further review, but not everything gets caught. Always research a particular company or organization before sending any personal information.